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Glass in not only a natural building item, but it is beautiful and versatile as well. There are many different types of glass on the market and each type has unique qualities suitable for different types of projects.

For example, annealed glass is a flat glass that is made through a float glass process. Annealed glass is known for its flatness and clarity. If this glass breaks it tends to crack in to large, jagged shards.

Insulating Glass is used for Solar Control

Insulating glass is also called double glazing. In this case, two or more panels of gas are bonded together with spacers in between and then air or argon gas is filled into the space between the two. These are known for their insulation and solar control.

Toughened Glass Breaks Uniformly for Safety

Toughened glass starts out as annealed glass. Then it gets heated to above 600 degrees Celsius. Then the outside is cooled while the interior remains hot. This process leads to the glass being tougher and less likely to break. Also, if it does break, it is usually in to uniform, square-like pieces. The glass also stands up well to changes in temperature. Toughened glass is often used in sliding glass doors, building facades, shower screen glass and internal partitions.

Laminated Glass is Shatter Proof

Laminated glass is made up of two or more layers of glass with inside layers made of polymeric materials. It is all bonded together and is much safer than other glasses. The inner layer holds on to the rest of it when it breaks so it doesn’t shatter. It is also popular because it helps to block noise, resist fire, and filter out ultraviolet light. It is often used in the automotive and automobile industries.

Coated Glass is Tough and a Good Insulator

Coated glass is easy to take care of. It is what the name implies – glass covered in a coating. The coating is clear and makes the glass insulated and harder to break. Sometimes coated glass is used in making insulated glass.

Security Glass is Layered Laminated Glass

Security glass is made out of several layers of laminated glass. The idea is that security glass should be able to resist attempts to break it and even gun shots and blasts from bombs.

Screen Printed Glass is Extra Durable

Screen printed glass isn’t about decoration. It is glass that has been toughened with a layer of ceramic paint added on with a screen printing technique.

Mirrored Glass is used to make Mirrors

Mirrored glass is what is used to make mirrors. The back of the glass is painted with a metal like aluminium, silver, gold, or chrome.

Patterned Glass is Decorative

Patterned glass is simply glass that was made to have a decorative pattern. It can be useful in creating the right look in a room in regards to lighting. The pattern is made by taking flat glass, heating it, and passing the glass through two rollers.

Self-Cleaning Glass Diverts Water from the Surface and Breaks Dirt Down

Self-cleaning glass is not just a fairy tale. It is used on exteriors of buildings. It is covered with a coating that helps to disintegrate dirt and also sheds away water.

There are so many types to choose from and not every glass works in every situation. The good news is that Matthew’s glass has them all. So whether you are looking for a new glass item or a glass replacement, if you are in the Melbourne area, you just have to call Matthew’s Glass.

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Posted on Oct 25, 2013