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We humans are a visual lot. We don’t say, “I am starting to understand you,” we say, “I see your point of view.” Instead of saying, “What a good idea,” we shout, “That’s brilliant!” We have bright students, shining examples, and – if we’re lucky – the glow of good health. The ideas of brightness and visual clarity inform the way we think and the way we talk.

Clarity is important.

That’s why Melbourne glass professionals are so excited about Starfire glass. When you look through a window made of Starfire glass, you see the world as it really is. Colours are vivid and accurately displayed – there’s no muddying green tint as there is with regular glass. Designers, manufacturers and glass and glazing professionals use Starfire glass for a spectacular effect in large decorative aquariums, elegant trophies and awards, sophisticated shops, and the finest homes.

So, what is Starfire glass?

We’re glad you asked. Starfire glass, sometimes called extra clear glass, is a fairly new innovation in glass manufacturing. Made from high quality silica sand, it has very low levels of iron oxides. This low-iron recipe is what makes Starfire glass so different from traditional glass.

You see, when you view the edge of a sheet of traditional glass, it has a distinctly green tint to it. And the thicker the glass, the darker and more obvious this green tint becomes. When you look through a window made of traditional glass, the colours you see are distorted. Starfire glass, on the other hand, will show just the faintest hint of pale blue on its edge. This almost-imperceptible blue will never get any darker, no matter how thick the glass is. So when you look through a Starfire glass window, or into a Starfire glass mirror, you see the truest, most accurate colours possible.

What are the best ways to use Starfire glass?

Let’s start with your home. Looking through your new Starfire window glass Melbourne is displayed in all its style with perfect accuracy. In your kitchen, a new Starfire glass splashback provides safety while letting your true colours shine through. A Starfire glass shower door adds brightness while preserving the integrity of your bathroom’s design and colour scheme. You appreciate the precision of your reflection in your new Starfire glass mirror.

You can bring all the benefits of Starfire glass to your commercial or retail space, too. Starfire glass shelving makes a dazzling addition to all kinds of shops. Product displays are vivid, undistorted and uncommonly bright. Made of Starfire glass, shop windows and doors give passers-by a clear look at what’s inside. If you’re considering glass replacement for your shop windows or doors, Starfire glass is the clear choice.

I’m sold! Where do I find Starfire glass?

We thought you might ask! If you’re looking for a real glass specialist in Melbourne, look no further than Matthew’s Glass and Glazing. We do commercial and domestic jobs with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss. As our many returning customers will tell you, we are completely dedicated to each job and committed to delivering the very highest level of workmanship.

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Posted on Oct 25, 2013