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Frameless shower screens are a beautiful, innovative, and functional addition for your Merricks home. Not only does their clear glass design look stunning, but the screens themselves are easy to clean and tight-sealing making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a bathroom partition that’s both attractive and low-maintenance.

Unlike traditional shower curtains which block off a large chunk of a bathroom, our frameless shower screens excel in bringing in light and space to make your bathroom appear bigger and more elegant. Best of all, unlike shower curtains which clump together, leak, and harbour bacteria, these glass shower screens protect against mould and mildew. They also take no effort at all to clean just a towel and some window cleaner will do the trick!

Merricks Shower Screen Supply, Design & Installation Service

922886_460955133982874_841713316_nAt Shower Screens Co., we use glass products that are manufactured from 10mm toughened glass, which makes them some of the most sturdy bathroom partitions on the market. Their durability, plus affordable price, makes it easy to see why this design has become so popular for homeowners concerned with both functionality and style.

pre-made shower screen that will leak and leave gaps!

Style-wise, our screens range from full, free-standing shower partitions to side panels for an existing bathtub. The exact size and shape that you choose depends on your bathroom, so let our team help you create the right one. Don’t go for a pre-made shower screen that will leak and leave gaps our team can custom fit these screens to your space, ensuring that your shower screen is completely water-tight. In fact, shower screen design services & custom jobs are just one of our specialities!




263251_460953507316370_574745733_nServicing Merricks and surround area’s, we offer:

● Free measure & quote
● Shower screen design service
● Bathroom Design Consultation
● Shower screen supply & installation
● Splashback design & installation
● Mirror supply & installation
● Glass shop front supply & installation

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