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There is nothing to deny about the certitude that bathrooms are the most neglected part of our whole idea of designing a home to rejuvenate and pamper our senses. Embellishing our home from the living room to the kitchen sorts the first step to make it a place we can flaunt for, but at the same time bathrooms with the most luxurious look and comfortable fittings cosset our senses. But bathrooms can be costly to invest in, but not to fret, VK Bathroom Stores in Melbourne are the best store to get your bathroom fittings, bathroom fixtures and all other bathroom accessories.

Bathroom decoration with specifically the shower screens in melbourne, as the whole idea suggests, should be the finest and the most unique of its kind. It should start well with a refined thought process and strategic methodology keeping in mind that the monotonous ornamentation can make us feel tedious and dull after a long span of time.

The stunning frameless shower screens in Melbourne are a bold and unique facet to exhibit quirky fashion and lifestyle. These frameless screens give a large spacious look to the bathroom adds value to it by having an element of grace in it. They are easy to clean and give a personalized feel to the user. They have frameless doors which are sleek compared to the regular bathroom doors which are eroded after a span of time.

To start with the venture, we should at the first step think within ourselves what color combination will enhance or suit our mindset. Generally bright and vibrant colors add a lot of vigor and spice to the bathroom, but at the same time it makes a place look little compact. So a combination of dull and bright colors would definitely serve as the right step to blend with both the vibrant look and the definition of space. To use as an alternative we can also opt for wallpapers so that we can remodel it after a short span of time.  The colors or the wallpapers could gamut from sober nature to glary and glittering disc life. As a personal opinion I would rather go for glitter and shimmer to add an icing on the cake and will switch on to more sober and nature like look later.

Space, as I have discussed initially serves as an important parameter to pamper our senses. It should be well delineated and thought after decision. An important step towards it can be to add on a lot of mirrors to masquerade the whole idea of space and self believe it to be big, because it would actually look BIG!!

Another option of adding shower curtains would surely add artistic tranquility and also it would bifurcate the bathing area from the rest if the space. The curtains again could range from a wide arena of mindset and can be chosen according to the wall colors. The bathroom accessories like the bath mats, waste bins, heated towel rails and fittings, shower enclosures trays, etc would add more to the whole space and will make it all the more comfortable and easy to access.

Appending green plants and flowers of vibrant colors will surely make the bathroom a place more relaxing a place you would love to be in. The greenery will add a natural ambience and the gaudy flowers will add the colors to our life.


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Posted on Sep 29, 2014